What's new in Ametys 4.0 ?

First look at the new major version Ametys 4.0. After few months of development, here is the first alpha version of Ametys Portal. Ametys 4.0 includes powerful enhancements and new features.
Ametys 4.0 brings a new user interface inspired by the flat design concept : clean look, minimalist icons, bright colors. Ametys 4.0 increases productivity with powerful tools and new features.


Welcome to our new user interface, we have redesigned the UI to offer you a much better user experience across all screens of Ametys.


Our new version includes many usability improvements, performance optimizations and new features for the tools you use every day.


Ametys 4.0 simplify collaboration and provides with one platform new collaborative features built for teams and networks to increase productivity.




Become a productive multitasker, use multiple tools at the same time

Open and use multiple tools simultaneously. Manage your documents, share and store files online in minutes, execute a faceted search and keep an eye on all your notification about your Ametys website, all of this at the same time. So you can see more, do more, and wait less.

Introducing the new user account, a whole new way to control your Ametys platform

Set up your profile, you can update your user profile at any time, including changing your account picture.
Your Ametys profile is used by all integrated tools: version history, real time interactions and many others.

New realtime notification feature, get notified of everything meaningful

Now you can monitor the Ametys activity and be notified as soon as an event occurs in your platform.
A new page has been created, a content has changed, a document has been added, stay in control and stay informed about what's going on.
Browse all your notifications by type and easily find the information you need.

Automatic backups, never lose your data

Ametys 4.0 includes automatic backups. User Preferences, open tabs and content, tools, settings, real time backup cover everything.
Your browser unexpectedly quit? Your computer restarts itself? Ametys keeps your data safe, so all your work is exactly where you left off, even the content you're currently editing.



A better Ametys search tool

Refine search results with specific constraints that match the user's search criteria

Automatic versioning with history

Ametys automatically records the history of a content as you create and make changes to it

Powerful collaborative tools

Work better, faster, together with Ametys : document sharing, calendars, discussions, etc

Drag and drop features

Add a user to a group in a wink, attach a tag to a page with simple drag and drop

Multisite shared content

In a multisite environment, share and reuse content between your websites in one place

Heritage content type

Define and customize content types, use them by heritage to get faster and be more productive

Download the latest beta release

Want to be on the bleeding edge ? The beta release of Ametys contains news features and bug fixes for testing. New beta releases are available regularly and are intended for developers and early adopters.


The Windows Package (.exe) includes the latest beta release. This version comes with a full demo site that allows you play with Ametys Portal and discover all its features.
You must use Java 8 to install and use Ametys properly.

Download (.exe)