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#1 Administration » Generation and distribution mechanism - HOWTO » 15/09/2011 01:53:30

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Hi All,

I am very attracted to this feature Generation and distribution mechanism mentioned in More specifically these two aspects:

  • Possibility of performing a static HTML export of the entire site for remote hosting or consultation archive

  • Manages the deployment of the front office on a remote machine separate from the back office for more reliability and security.

From the Demonstration package, I was unable to find the way to do static HTML export. I have tried looking for info in the wiki but failed to find relevant ones there. One file I find appear to look a little related to what I hope to do is this one: …

I would like to ask for some guidance in using this feature (docs/code). I am a java developer (but with experience only in struts1 and hibernate :)). Getting this feature to work through non-web interface will be already very useful to me.

Thanks. :)


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