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#1 General » Can't get past "Loading, please wait 100%" page » 27/11/2012 02:39:45

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Trying to run 3.4.0, in Firebug console, I see these errors.  Don't know if that's contributing to problem:

TypeError: I is undefined

...n;}else{if(typeof F==
TypeError: I is undefined   

...n;}else{if(typeof F=="object"){for(var G in F){if(F.hasOwnProperty(G)){if(

386889...alse.js (line 1)

TypeError: org.ametys.web.tool.user.FOUsersToolFactory is not a constructor

...png", "role" : "uitool-fo-users", "icon-large" : "/plugins/web/resources/img/use...

index.html (line 189)

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