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#1 Re: Skin Integration » skin creation is very complex » 24/03/2013 19:10:22

I am slowly making progress with my layout by adapting the demo layout.

I think the tutorial you already have, but adapted to all the changes you made, would be a very good start for beginners who want to make their own layout.

Few things I encountered:
* if you want to include an image in the main.xsl you have to point the src to something like /cms/skins/demo_adapted/resources/img/...
* if you want to add a new zone you have to map it in zones.xsl to a template which you can call from main.xsl
* you have to use a name for the skin or you cannot reference it in the admin-panel  wink

EDIT: okay, now I get: "This area is available in selected template but is not defined in template model.
You cannot insert content or service in this area."

Where can I find the template model?

#2 Skin Integration » skin creation is very complex » 16/03/2013 12:58:09

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Hey guys,  smile

I stumbled upon a problem. I'm trying to make my own skin, but following your guide at  doesn't get me very far. (I've attached the stack trace I get when I try to open the website in the CMS)

The downloadable skin of the how-to also won't work. (although I will run into an error at a later time, when I try to create a new page and want to edit it in the CMS. Then I get: javax.xml.transform.TransformerException : Could not find variable with the name of contextPath
context:/file:/home/klaus/Applications/Ametys/webapp/cms/skins/thegreenhouse/stylesheets/commons.xsl - 25 : 67)

Also, I have encountered that there is a lot of documentation missing for the skin integration parts.

Is there a tool that makes this task easier? I've read of Artisteer, but I wouldn't want to buy it just for playing around now.

Great work and thanks for providing it as open source!

Kind regards,

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