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Innovative and open source technologies !

Ametys team believes in open source as a guarantee of reliability, scalability and sustainability.

Ametys people are involved in open source communities, particularly the Apache community.

Ametys is composed of a core content management framework, where customizable modules take place through predefined extension points.

Information storage

Dedicated document storage component: JCR/JSR-170 Jackrabbit

Using a dedicated document storage component provides the following functions:

  • Content and tree versioning
  • Content sharing and dissemination on multiple local or remote websites
  • Scalable Architecture for the distribution of the application across multiple servers based on the evolution of the volume of content entered
  • Lucene indexing, SQL and XQuery query language natively supported
  • Data access in local or remote mode via Java API standardized in JCR

Ametys comes with a admin tool to explore and check the data repository. Find out more about this on the Ametys Repository webpage.

Separation of content and HTML rendering: DocBook XML pivot format

One of the Ametys CMS’s strengths is to actually separate the content from the HTML rendering via a graphic charter, by storing all the pages in a “neutral” DocBook XML format:

  • The pages captured are converted into XML Doc Book in real time, regardless of their input format: HTML, Word or Open Office
  • When visitors visit a content, it is rendered into HTML, depending on website templates. Thus, the same content shared on multiple sites may appear differently.
  • Full text indexing is done on XML source, not HTML rendering, ensuring greater reliability of the search engine results.


  • Use of the OSWorkflow component: opensource workflow engine.
  • The CMS enables the consideration of complex validation cycles and rights. They are configured via declarative XML files.


Content publishing

Ametys uses the Apache Cocoon open source framework. This framework is the reference for XML transformations.

Ametys publication modes

  • You can generate a complete static HTML export of websites for remote hosting or archiving purposes
  • Access to the entire content in XML, HTML and PDF format via a simple URL call or web-service
  • Multi-channel access to the site through several devices: PC, PDA, mobile phone.
  • Separate Back-Office server accessed by contributors and Front-Office server accessed by visitors to provide your organization with reliability and security.


Integration with third party components


Ametys provides an extensible authentication mechanism to access back office through :

  • LDAP, Active Directory or Database
  • Managed Authentication with CAS
  • SSL secure connection
  • SSO support

ECM and DAM repositories

Ametys comes standardly with a module called "Resource Explorer" which allows a common file space. Files can be stored in Ametys directly and / or come from an external source through a CMIS connector (allows connections with Sharepoint, Alfresco and Nuxeo)

External webpages

  • Simple redirection
  • External page in a specific page template of the website
  • External page integrated with a proxy mechanism

Ametys CMS Toolbox

Eclipse  : a powerful cross platform development tool based on Java



 Junit : an open source framework for unit testing in Java development environments


JProfiler : a Java profiler combining CPU, Memory and Thread profiling in one application


Install4j : a Java tool producing native installers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS


The Gimp : a free open source multi platform Image Editor