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Ametys Repository

Ametys Repository is a web based tool to administer and maintain a JSR-170 compliant JCR repository - specifically Apache-Jackrabbit. Ametys Repository is an open source, java written application that can be installed as separate web application next to your repository.

The specification for JCR 1.0 is available online .

The implementation officially supported by Ametys Repository is Apache Jackrabbit.


Features of Ametys Repository are the following:

Browsing repository content

  • Standard operations on nodes like adding, editing and removing nodes, properties and mixin node types, locking, check-in/check-out
  • Editing properties
  • Showing information of the current Repository, Session and Workspace (like vendor informations, repository descriptors, ...)
  • XPath query
  • Powerful javascript console (very useful for mass updates action)


A simple and intuitive user interface:

A simple and intuitive user interface
A simple and intuitive user interface


You can installing Ametys: