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Rules and recommendations for building User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) is one of the fundamental trends of marketing issues in 2012.

What is User-Generated Content ? And what are its benefits ?

The Collaborative Content Explosion

User-Generated Content has become one of the key elements of Web 2.0. Blogs, forums, social networks, online videos and photos sharing platform...Today, everyone’s a content creator.

The communication process is changing from being unidirectional to multidirectional as consumers are becoming active participants by creating, seeking, and sharing information using a variety of channels and devices.

Many young companies, such as YouTube or Facebook, have decided to exploit these kinds of opportunities and broadcast content only posted by users.

The study of french ETO agency "customers influencers" demonstrates that users are sensitive to the opinions and comments left by other users.

The advent of user-generated content marked a shift among media organizations and companies. Some benefits of UGC include :

  • More effective interactivity
  • Increased user engagement
  • Improved SEO and conversion : fresh content is good for SEO optimization !



Ametys CMS & UGC

With Ametys v3.4, the open source CMS adds a new plugin UGC.

UGC module is two tools in one : The plugin consists of a content submission tool and a moderation tool to visualize and treat the content suggested by visitors.


Try this new feature and download the version V3.4 Ametys !

 Moreover, Ametys integrated several key features:

  • Comments
  • Blog features : The new "blog plugin" allows to create community or personal blog directly through the back-office


5 tips to implement User-Generated Content

To get started with User-Generated Content, here's 5 easy ways for increasing user engagement.

  1. Organize the contribution : make reviews easy to give on your website, create tags and add social features
  2. Solicit reviews from your community : ask users to contribute and don’t hesitate to correct spelling errors, misleading content, and other troublesome items.
  3. Encourage social discussion : Host a contest, create a poll and a question and answer section are few tips to get started with UGC
  4. Create case studies
  5. Get involved : encourage your staff to participate in creating content !


This article was written by Maeva Mongaillard, Webmarketing Manager at Anyware Services.

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