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Ametys V3.2.1 is now available!

Ametys V3.2.1

A new version of Ametys is available. This update improves ergonomics and displays performance of the software.

What's new in Ametys V3.2.1 ?


A site map more intuitive

The site map available in contributor mode displays more information:

  • An option to fold / unfold all pages
  • A search filter reducing page display
  • A system for identifying the status of pages and color icons: heading / subheading, online / draft, redirect page, translated page...

Now, the site map is retractable to allow screen resolutions lower, to benefit of a better visibility.


A tab management optimized

CMS' tabs allow to work on several pages, content and different tools at a time. New feature views of the tabs facilitates their use:

  • Tabs are sorted by categories (pages, tools, content, help ...)
  • Tabs can be closed all at once or by categories...


Display performance increased

The Front Office and Back Office performance was revised upward. Thus Ametys websites display and the loading time of the CMS are faster .

The technical details of operating models and all optimizations of the release are available on the forum. Features in V3.2.1 of Ametys.

A new feature available from the edit mode should satisfy many users: now, the backup contents can be done without leaving the edit mode.

All these improvements are the result of close collaboration between people of the community. If you wish to participate in the project, feel free to give your point of view and suggestions into the forum or the Facebook page!

Download V3.2.1 of Ametys then see the accompanying guide perform to upgrade to Version 3.2.1

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