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Ametys V3.2.2! A new maintenance release

Ametys maintenance release 3.2.2

A new release for the Ametys CMS V3.2 is available.



This update includes correction for three major applications and one plugin:

  • CMS v3.2.2
  • Explorer v2.2.2
  • Repository v2.2.0
  • Update newsletter plugin v1.3

If you want to see all corrections made, you can see the online documentation dedicated to this update. To use this version, download it from Ametys.org or click the link below:

Download Release V3.2.2
Release Notes v3.2.2 [ENG]

The next release will be the Version 3.3 of the CMS! It's going to bring several new plugins: Flash animation from a PDF file, a graphic editor ... and many other features. This version will be available before the end of 2011, so stay tuned!