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Ametys turn in version 3.2!

Ametys Community

Since March 25, 2011, version 3.2 of Ametys is available.

This update was developed in collaboration with the CMS’ users in order to develop the product according to their needs: improved ergonomics, maintenance and security-enhanced...

Discover the many opportunities delivered by this new version.

Help your visitors find the right information

Visitors want to access web sites faster and easier to the most relevant pages. That is why the advanced search module CMS offers displaying results by relevance, title, sorting by date of publication and the use of search filters for optimal browsing experience. More details about it...

An easier contribution

Back office has been updated in order to simplify the contribution process. The "Re-scheduling of content and services" can thus rearrange the content from one area to another by dragging and dropping.

CMIS is now available in order to harmonize the online publication of documents from internal sources or external tools. It is directly usable from standards GED tools as Nuxeo, Alfresco and Microsoft Sharepoint.

The volume of contributions which allows sites developed with Ametys makes their maintenance time consuming for webmasters. To meet this need, the version 3.2 includes a service that automatically detects broken links - both internal and external-site and reports by sending an email. Practical and useful, the plugin "Dashboard" displays a list of tasks accomplished or remain to be accomplished by contributors: recent contents, content validation, obsolete contents...


Community promising a new plugin

Version 3.2 releases a unique community plugin: the Plugin "Gadget", a revolution unto itself. It allows each visitor to customize their pages with information flows provided by Google: calendar, weather, Gmail, widgets ... More information about it will be available very soon.

Drag and drop
Drag and drop

CMS Ametys’ developments are the result of a partnership between its developers, users and integrators. To make a more transparent and efficient collaboration, Twitter and Facebook accounts have been created. Feel free to use those tools to share your experiences and ideas with the community.

List of other innovations: