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Discover the 3.3 release and its new features !

A new version of Ametys is available !

This 3.3 update brings many new features that will satisfy both marketing stakeholders and technical managers. This release takes the best of innovative ideas and recommendations suggested on the Ametys forum.


Back Office New Features

Website factory

Multisites management shows several enhancements including an advanced search engine. This new feature allows you to search for content across different sites managed by Ametys.

The administrator area now displays a hierarchical view of websites. It helps to manage galaxies of federated websites.

Alternatively, a feature also allows you to create a new site from a model website. It is now possible to view volumetric data for each site : number of pages, content, services, site size, number of files ...

Rights Management

Ametys V3.3 allows better rights management. Each service and content type is now protected by a right. This allows you to restrict the number of services and content available to each contributor.

New Plugins...

The "Glossary plugin" allows you to enter a set of definitions to provide a glossary. Then each term appears highlighted in the site content. Definitions are displayed when the cursor passes over the term. 

The "FAQ plugin" allows to integrate a Question / Answer section to your site.

The "Blog plugin" allows to create and manage a blog directly with Ametys.

Two others community plugins are also available with Ametys V3.3 :

  • The plugin "Google Calendar" [ENG]: insert a Google Calendar in your web page
  • The plugin "Document2Flash" [ENG]: transform your pdf document into an animated flipping book.

Ready to start ? Download this new release !

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