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Ametys 3.4 is out !

The new version 3.4 is now available for download. This update mainly focuses on optimizing the usability and performance of visitor and contributor experience. 3 major features :

  • WYSIWYG editor optimisation
  • Migrate contents from a legacy website
  • New plugin UGC (User Generated Content)


What's new in Ametys V.3.4 ?

WYSIWYG editor optimisation

The editor has several improvements demanded by the community.

No more "mailto" syntax, the wizard "Link to email address" does all the job for you.

Welcome to automatic table of contents, with nested lists!

It was a long awaited feature by contributors who handle large content. With Ametys 3.4, contributors can now add an automaticly generated summary based on titles, sections or subsections of the document.

Migrate contents from a legacy website or other CMS

Ametys way of migrating content is based on copy / paste actions and a special option in the admin panel.

But it is not the usual copy/paste stuff you may know.

With Ametys V3.4, HTML code is throughly cleaned, and attachments and images are brought to Ametys after saving content.

This feature is especially useful for migrating intranet websites.

Generate dynamic contents digests more efficiently

This service is widely used by contributors to list the most important news on the home page and generate thematic lists of contents. Ametys V3.4 improves the service and contributors can now :

  • select contents on one or more sites,
  • select tags according to the selected site,
  • select the order of sorting criteria


... and bring emotion to your visitors !

Ametys V3.4 embeds new graphic components. Try our new demo !


A powerful new plugin to generate customer interactivity

The UGC plugin (User Generated Content) promotes collective creation of contents. Visitors can directly compose their content and submit it to the webmaster. As a feature highly prized by contributors, UGC plugin is now out with Ametys 3.4 !

Along with this feature, take a look at the  "Blog plugin" released recently. It comes in the standard distribution of Ametys !

Browser Compatibility

Ametys 3.4 improves compatibility with the latest browsers : Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer.


Ametys CMS is constantly improving to satisfy users and community. You can join the project by suggesting features and improvements ! Post on the Forum or on our Facebook Page or Twitter.

Ametys team is always available to answer your questions about these new features.