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Ametys 3.5 Released, Multisite Features, User Accounts, Plugin for Youtube Playlists


The new version 3.5 is now available for download. Let's have a look at what's new and improved !

Download now the latest version !


Ametys 3.5 - Multisite Features

Ametys is spending a lot of time and effort improving the multisite features to make it easier to create and manage network of websites.

Content Sharing

The new improvements of content sharing features allows administrators to save valuable time. Now shared content appear in search tool and can be used in the content digest service.

Common ressources

There had already been the ability to upload content in the file explorer in prior releases. Now a new feature provides common ressources.

 This features allows administrators to store ressources that are available to all sites.

Ametys 3.5 - User accounts

Ametys 3.5 includes a major new feature and allows visitors to create accounts authentificated. Users accounts are accessible only by logins and passwords.

Each visitor can create their own personal account, set a password, profile, personal preferences and view personalized content and services.

Plugin for YouTube Playlist


Version 3.5 for Ametys provides a new plugin for YouTube Playlists.

Now contributors can quickly insert a YouTube Playlist on their site while customizing the design interface.


Additional updates

A few other notable improvements for the back office include :

  • New content rendering : Now Ametys 3.5 allow contributors to select different content rendering (abstract, link, 2 or 3 columns, slider ...)

  • Forms improvements : Contributors can view form's entries directly from the back office
  • Schedule archiving content


Ametys CMS is constantly improving to satisfy users and community. You can join the project by suggesting features and improvements ! Post on the Forum or on our Facebook Page or Twitter.

Ametys team is always available to answer your questions about these new features.