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Getting Started with Ametys Multisite

Ametys is a very powerful open source CMS.

One of the most attractive features from Ametys is that it will allow you to install one unified platform which can serve to create a network of sites.


What are the benefits of Ametys multisite ?

Most organizations are looking for a single solution to manage network of sites through one CMS installation.

Multisite management capabilities are becoming one of the most popular features for Web CMS solutions.

Ametys includes many major features :

  • Custom skins : you can deploy as many templates as websites with Ametys !
  • Content sharing features with powerful rights management
  • Unlimited sub-folder creation
  • Multilingualism

Ametys CMS allows administrators to create, deploy et manage new websites through one installation of Ametys.

Ametys allows flexible sites management. Hierarchical list of sites is easy to manage with drag and drop.

Other highly requested feature, contributors can view their website statistics.

Download the latest version of Ametys now !