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Integrate Customized Google maps with Ametys CMS

Plugin Maps

The plugin maps is available with the new release V3.3 of Ametys. It allows to insert custom Google maps with "points of interests" or "geometry".

The plugin uses Google maps to display very specific geographic areas and to include points of interest or forms. A point of interest is an accurate indicator of an important geographical area. Points can be distinguished by different icons. Forms on the other hand are used to define an area by drawing a geometric shape free.

The plugin maps was developed to meet the needs expressed by the user community. Its use can be varied:

  • Locate the company in a contact page;
  • Present the strategic points of a building;
  • View the meeting place;
  • Report trafic jams or work areas for local authorities;
  • Etc.

Consult the online documentation: "Plugin Maps" to integrate the service on your website powered by Ametys.