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Create your online survey with Ametys

Plugin Survey

Right out of the Ametys 3.3 release, the plugin "Online Surveys" offers online surveys directly from Ametys. This new plugin comes with an intuitive interface to create, publish and analyze online surveys right from the back office.

Each survey have one or many pages in order to establish simple or complexe questions sequences. Several paths can be decided by administrator to refine the survey.

Three types of questions are available:

  • Simple texts: open questions that allow to fill free answers. It's mainly uses at the end of a survey to ask opinion or questions of identity: name, email, address...
  • Multiple choice: simple or multiple choice questions displayed with buttons or check boxes.
  • Matrix: questions presented as a table in order to cross two criteria, most of the time notice and options.

A survey could be published on a web page from the service "Post a survey". Once administered, each survey has a tab analysis to display charts and statistics available in the tab "Survey" in Ametys back office.

For more information, see the online documentation: Documentation plugin Survey.

The plugin "Survey" is compatible from version 3.3 and higher of the CMS Ametys.