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A new plugin for User Generated Content (UGC)

Ametys V3.4 brings a new powerful plugin : UGC or User Generated Content. Highly demanded by contributors, this feature allows users to produce content directly.

Web 2.0 has opened new opportunities for content creation and promotes interaction and collaboration. The co-creation has become a new web trend of today and tomorrow.

The new UGC plugin allows visitors to suggest content. Multiple interest :

  • Promote interaction
  • Boost your site: users become contributors!

UGC module is also two tools in one !


Content Submission Tool

Visitors submit new content through a form.

Beyond the opportunity to suggest their contents, visitors take advantage of features of the CMS Editor.

All specific features of Ametys CMS are available: inserting images, paragraph styles, but also inserting links or videos...


Moderation Tool

In back office, contributors have a moderation tool to visualize and treat the content suggested by visitors.

For more informations, see the online documentation Plugin UGC

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