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#1 Re: Administration » Setting up servers » 28/10/2013 13:56:10

compose on one, test on one and publish on one...!
it is the key of enterprise systems!

#3 Re: Administration » Setting up servers » 28/10/2013 13:04:17

development server = server for our in-house development of a site

#4 Re: Administration » Setting up servers » 28/10/2013 12:53:31


I mean the following:
1. I want three servers with ametys. All have different ip:s
2. The servers should link between in the sense when I publish development it goes to the test server. The same from test server to live server when pushed.
3. All servers are separate and work separately with different databases

The key is also the publishing development server->test server->live server. How to do that?

How can I do that?

#5 Administration » Setting up servers » 28/10/2013 12:13:34

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I would like to setup the following three servers:

1. a development server
2. a test server
3. a front/live server

I want all development to take place at 1). When ready published to 2). When tested enough to make live then pushed to 3)

How can I do this and how can I set it up such that the selected parts at each time are transferred to respective servers?

Thanks for a promising Ametys!

#6 Re: Development » Support of i18n » 04/10/2013 11:51:33

ok, then I misunderstood it about one place. Database or file no issue as long as an interface is in place.

but regions? like this...


English - US - 'Florida dialect'...
does it work?

I do like Ametys. It is a pretty good tool! You have done a very good job except poor documentation so far, but I guess it is coming... How can we support you?

#7 Re: Development » Skin development tool instead of skin editor » 03/10/2013 13:58:32

I forgot....also keep text separated from skin layout -> more flexibility and reuse.

#8 Re: Development » Support of i18n » 03/10/2013 13:52:20

Take Switzerland as an example:
>4 languages and many more regions

You might want to translate into all languages in a localized way.
Additionally, there might be regionalized cusomizations too.

How would you solve that without like in java:


#9 Re: Development » Skin development tool instead of skin editor » 03/10/2013 13:49:32

The reason is to keep all text to be translated in one place.

Another way is to have a tool for translators where all text is accessible without IT knowledge.

Translators are really bad programmers!!!

#10 Development » Support of i18n » 18/09/2013 22:57:53

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Suggestion: A site can have multilanguage in the same page or site. But a territory can have more than one language and dialects. Therefore like in Java the support of both language and region/country should be too.

#11 Development » Skin development tool instead of skin editor » 18/09/2013 22:55:35

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I have a suggestion to get rid of all the xhtml, xslt and xml files to create when creating a skin.

This can be done in a graphical environment with different containers to make it even more dynamic. Containers can be nested and therefore it is possible to build a structure. At the same time the i18n and translations of the skin will be moved from the files into the database instead. The container definition can be saved in the database too.  It would make it much easier for the developer to create skins very fast.

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