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#1 General » Training Sessions » 03/06/2014 01:50:46

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Hi, the training session which is advertised here:
This will be presented in which language? And if it will be presented in French do you have similar training sessions in English.

I would like to go ahead and deploy this solution using Bitnami, and start to customize it. I have been having this on my own computer a few times. 

However, I am curious as to why you state not to deploy the production version on a local computer (local IIS) seems the most logical way to perform/push the localized changes. ( i.e. visual only changes, template/css)

#2 Re: Administration » Setting up servers » 19/05/2014 09:13:01

You might consider a publish/subscribe method and use your cron service to deploy it..
publish document,
subscribes see's new document
subscribes requests updated codebase,

from there it's just 'match the bytes'

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