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#1 30/07/2014 05:38:31

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trying to create page, says rights are insufficient but i am the admin

I am a new user.
I am trying to create a page on a new site i created.
couple of questions

1) how do i logout?
2) i am logged in as temp admin. It says i have all the rights, but when i click on site map and then try to create a page the button is disabled because it says my rights are insufficient
3) where in the docs does it talk about site user management? whats the different between User and Users of the site

thanks for any help


#2 30/07/2014 09:49:33

Raphaël Franchet
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Re: trying to create page, says rights are insufficient but i am the admin


1) There is no way to logout except by closing your browser or killing your session info

2) Rights administration is a tricky thing. It is defined by 3 values : WHO, WHAT, WHERE.
When you say are "temp admin", it is missing the WHERE.
When creating a site and affecting a "temp admin", it is affected to the application.
Sitemap rights are not checked on the application, but on the sitemap. It is that, that allow to be able to edit one page and not the other page.
So, in the "Users, groups and rights" ribbon tab ; you can click on "set generic rights" and you will see you as a temporary admin ; but now click on the 3 others rights location and you will see you have no rights yet. To be a full admin you need to set the profile on those 3 locations also.
In your case, you have to click on "Rights on sitemap", then select a page or the sitemap root in the Sitemap tool on the left ; then come back to the "rights on sitemap" tool and select a profile ; and then in the ribbon select "Add profile to user"

3) Users are back-office users. Users of the site are front-office users. Depending on your use case, those populations can be the same or not.
E.g. for a classic web site, "Users" are the webmaster, while "Users of the site" are registered visitors.
E.g. for an intranet, "Users" and "Users of the site" are the same (with different rights maybe)
All this can be selected and configured in the admin. See this doc in french to known more (have an automatic translator on it and ask any questions here)  and

Raphael Franchet
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