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#1 25/11/2013 23:35:46

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Java Process Won't Die

I am having a problem with my Ametys install. I noticed that after the installation and configuration of Ametys cms and site webapplications I am running into an issue where the tomcat shutdown script doesn't actually kill the java process that it started, but it stops without an error code. It appears that Ametys creates a non-daemon task and it isn't shutting down at the time of the tomcat script, thus the java process is still active. And when I run the script afterwards, it creates another java process.

The issue goes away when I uninstall the cms and site webapplications from tomcat. Then the java process is killed by running the script.

Have you had any experience with this before? Could you point me in the right direction as to how to find the exact error/proper fix?


#2 26/11/2013 11:04:50

Cédric Damioli
Ametys Product Manager
From: Toulouse
Registered: 10/08/2010
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Re: Java Process Won't Die


It's a known issue.
AFAIK, Ametys itself does not create non-daemon threads, but the Jackrabbit library (Apache's JCR implementation) does.
It may depends of Jackrabbit's underlying storage. If Jackrabbit is configured to use the embedded Derby database (this is the default), it seems that the issue appears more often.

I personally almost never use the script.
I prefer to "kill" the java process (not "kill -9" (SIGKILL), only "kill" (SIGTERM)) which had proven to act as required and usually properly free resources.
This is what is used by init.d scripts when you install tomcat as a package.


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