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I stumbled upon a problem. I'm trying to make my own skin, but following your guide at … +Ametys+v3 doesn't get me very far. (I've attached the stack trace I get when I try to open the website in the CMS)

The downloadable skin of the how-to also won't work. (although I will run into an error at a later time, when I try to create a new page and want to edit it in the CMS. Then I get: javax.xml.transform.TransformerException : Could not find variable with the name of contextPath
context:/file:/home/klaus/Applications/Ametys/webapp/cms/skins/thegreenhouse/stylesheets/commons.xsl - 25 : 67)

Also, I have encountered that there is a lot of documentation missing for the skin integration parts.

Is there a tool that makes this task easier? I've read of Artisteer, but I wouldn't want to buy it just for playing around now.

Great work and thanks for providing it as open source!

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Re: skin creation is very complex

Hi Klaus,

Well, the skin documentation is quite outdated ... sad
We are currently reengineering it globally to reflect current versions and filling the gaps.
The sample skin attached to the current how-to was generated for Ametys 3.2 and is not compatible with 3.3+

If you try Ametys with the downloadable demo, a sample skin is provided (the "demo" skin) which you cas use as a basis for your own work.
This demo skin was actually initially generated from Artisteer, but Artisteer is not required to modify the source code of the skin.

Please ask here all questions you have about templating, and tell us which documentation is most missing, so that we can add/fix it quickly.


Re: skin creation is very complex

I am slowly making progress with my layout by adapting the demo layout.

I think the tutorial you already have, but adapted to all the changes you made, would be a very good start for beginners who want to make their own layout.

Few things I encountered:
* if you want to include an image in the main.xsl you have to point the src to something like /cms/skins/demo_adapted/resources/img/...
* if you want to add a new zone you have to map it in zones.xsl to a template which you can call from main.xsl
* you have to use a name for the skin or you cannot reference it in the admin-panel  wink

EDIT: okay, now I get: "This area is available in selected template but is not defined in template model.
You cannot insert content or service in this area."

Where can I find the template model?

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Re: skin creation is very complex

You have to define your zones in the template.xml file associated with your template. You can find the describtion here … mplate.xml

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Re: skin creation is very complex


The skin personalization will be the next big task to be executed. Do you have an updated version of the skin documentation?

Re: skin creation is very complex

Currently we only have a plot doc.
Very soon the brand new version (very complete) will be in French only and will be translater later.

For the moment, your best friend is so : the demo skin for a base sample and this forum to understand it.

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Re: skin creation is very complex

Dear all,
is there a demo version for 3.4.4 where the template is divided into e.g. 3 zones left/main/right, Im struggleing currently a little bit with modification of the current one (blog template) in order to add a 3rd zone ...

would appreciate any hints to a demo or appropriate documentation ...

cheers and happy new year

Re: skin creation is very complex


The template stuff did not change so much between 3.4, 3.5 and the incoming the 3.6.
You have a full doc in french here on creating a skin … d=17597414 (you may try a google translate on it)

The steps for setting zones is
1) Edit the file template.xml of your template to add/change zones ( … mplate.xml)
2) Edit the corresponding stylesheets/template.xsl file to have the same <zone> tags ( … mplate.xsl)
The second step is a little bit hard because the file template.xsl is rarely a standalone file : it does import many xsl files, e.g. to have common stuffs between all your templates.

If both files (template.xml and template.xsl) does not match the same zones, you will have a warning in the top of the page (in the backoffice only)

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