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#1 13/09/2017 18:26:53

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Ametys 4.0: Installation process


I noticed that you released a new version of Ametys some weeks ago. I have tried to configure it during the past weeks but I couldn't make it work.

First of all, I checked your documentation pages to get more information about the different steps I need to follow to install and configure the application. I noticed that the documentation points to some .sql files that were included in the previous versions of the application but they are not included in its latest version (the .zip file of the 4.0.0 version). Could you please let me know if you plan to update the documentation or if it's something wrong in the tarball? Just for the record, I downloaded it using the link in the main site:

I also noticed that you have not updated the release notes file in the main site and it also points to the version 4.0.0beta

Is this a stable version I can use or should I continue using the previous one?

In order to try to get more information about the installation I checked the .sh file that installs and configures the application and I noticed some changes:

The config.xml file is inside the data/config folder when the previous versions it was at config/config.xml, is there any other change regarding the configuration files that I need to take into account? I also tried to modify the configuration in order to connect the application with a MySQL database following the same approach I follow for the previous versions


This is an example of a block of code in the CMS folder's config file, as you can see, I commented the default configuration and tried to connect to the MySQL database but it didn't work. I didn't see any log information related with this connection. I also tried with wrong credentials and I didn't receive any error message.

Looking forward your feedback,


#2 25/09/2017 20:29:12

Cédric Damioli
Ametys Product Manager
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Re: Ametys 4.0: Installation process


I just answer by email !
Sorry for the late reply



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