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#1 26/03/2018 15:40:47

Registered: 06/02/2018
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need explanation on how the multimedia plugin works


we are trying to create a plugin similar to multimedia plugin with a custom content type. but, we are not able to understand the meaning of this configuration in the cocoon file.

<map:match pattern="org.ametys.plugins.multimedia.Content.*.*">
                <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon://_plugins/web/content-type.{1}.{2}?pluginName={request-attr:pluginName}"/>

we searched for a map configuration by that name/pattern and we dont find that at all. any help in this regard would be appreciated


#2 27/03/2018 18:08:51

Raphaël Franchet
Expert Team
From: Toulouse
Registered: 10/08/2010
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Re: need explanation on how the multimedia plugin works

When you define a content type, you have to set the pipeline that render it.
Most of the time, redirecting to the default "web" pipeline is fine.

In your case, you juste have to change the pattern to match your content type id.
And the last wildcard is used to choose the name of the XSL file.

E.g. in multimedia the id "org.ametys.plugins.multimedia.Content.audioGallery" will use a XSL file named "audioGallery/audioGallery-{view}.xsl"

Raphael Franchet
Expert Ametys


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