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#1 23/05/2018 04:39:21

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solr integration

is apache solr definitely needed to be running when iam not using any search functionality?

what functionalities of the platform are actually using the Apache solr? i created new pages and wihtout indexing those pages appeared in the site. I added new templates and i believe for that also we dont need any indexing.

so, if iam not using the search functionality, do I need Solr to be running or I can do away with it?


#2 23/05/2018 09:58:33

Raphaël Franchet
Expert Team
From: Toulouse
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Re: solr integration

Solr is required for many features
In the current versions we are still doing some internal search using directly JCR, but we are trying to transfer all our requests to SOLR. So more and more features will require it.

For example the aggregation service is currently not using SOLR but it will in the 4.2...

Raphael Franchet
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