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#1 23/05/2018 14:10:07

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Regarding DataSources

should there be always an internal datasource that is based on derby? cant we do away with derby at all? can we configure postgreSQL or MySQL as the internal database?

Also, is there an option to map the datasource definition with the application server like tomcat's datasource instead of providing the username and password in the datasources-sql.html?


#2 23/05/2018 14:50:33

Raphaël Franchet
Expert Team
From: Toulouse
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Re: Regarding DataSources

There is always an internal datasource.
When configuring the application, you can displatch all features to other datasources.
The only thing that will remain in the internal datasource is the list of "admin" users. Because when in safe mode, this is the only accessible way to authenticate admin users.

No we do not provide the mecanism to get tomcat resources.

Raphael Franchet
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