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#1 05/08/2011 16:21:16

Cédric Damioli
Ametys Product Manager
From: Toulouse
Registered: 10/08/2010
Posts: 304

Ametys 3.2.1 released

The release of Ametys version 3.2.1 is available at

In addition to new features, over 250 bugs have been fixed:

Back-office  UI   
    * Login page with form
    * Splash screen when the CMS is loading
    * Handling of keyboard shortcuts: Esc and Enter keys in dialog boxes
    * While editing, ability to save without exiting (Save / Save and close)
    * Management of tabs:
          o Tabs can be closed all at once or by categories...
          o Tabs are sorted by categories (pages, tools, content, help ...)
          o Possibility to display one tab a color, one tab a tool or every tabs.
    * Sitemap new features:
          o Buttons to fold the whole site and refresh a page and its subpages
          o Search filter
          o A system for identifying the status of pages and color icons: heading / subheading, online / draft, redirect page, translated page...
    Resource Explorer Tools
          o Buttons to fold and refresh a directory
          o Filter the names of files / directories
    * Re-ordering of alias
    * Consolidation of services and content by category in the Add Content menu and Add Service
    * Icons and decorators in the site map
    * Collapsable right panels (site map, resource explorer, ...)

    * Minify and concatenate CSS and JS files
    * Performance improvements of the Front Office (improving the cache, domain name aliases, HTTP headers)
    * Performance improvements between the Front Office and the Back Office (fewer queries, cache management)

... and also:
    * Compatibility FF4 and FF5
    * Ability to override the content type to add fields
    * Choice of sight for the service "Show content" (8 votes on this ticket


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