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#1 Re: Administration » postgreSQL as Jackrabbit PM » 19/07/2018 14:37:22

Hi cedric, the issue seems to be with the AmetysPersistenceManager. I changed the repository definition file as given below and i was able to have the repository in postgreSQL and file system and was able to cluster the repository too between two instances of CMS.

#2 Re: Administration » postgreSQL as Jackrabbit PM » 06/07/2018 17:38:59


can some ametys expert reply back to this query please?

#3 Administration » postgreSQL as Jackrabbit PM » 04/07/2018 17:53:41

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are there any specific steps needed to make the postgreSQL as the Persistence manager for JCR? I created a new PostgreSQL datasource and configured the jackrabbit storage as my new postgreSQL datasource, but immediately the application stops and the JCR repository is not starting at all.

are there any other steps needed to male this work?

#4 Re: Development » Steps to build Ametys from Git Repository » 28/05/2018 14:32:58

Hi Raphael,

I was able to successfully build the master branch and the zip file containing the solr,cms & site folders have been created. I moved the cms and the site folders to a tomcat's webapps folder and also started solr using the command from the solr folder.

I was able to login to cms/_admin and create sites, but when I try to index the site, i get an error,

(AmetysRuntimeScheduler_Worker-3;/cms/_admin/plugins/admin/config/set) Unable to rebuild live workspace
org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.HttpSolrClient$RemoteSolrException: Error from server at http://localhost:8983/solr: Unsupported operation: createConfigset

Iam not able to find a solution for this. is this a valid error?

#5 Re: Development » Ametys Page URL » 23/05/2018 14:31:58

Hi raphael,

but can you guide me to the java component/cocoon pipeline that is actually expecting this language identifier in the URL?

#6 Development » Eclipse Project Creation » 23/05/2018 14:29:27

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is there any task that will help me add all the modules into eclipse with proper classpath setting or i need to do the same manually?

#7 Development » Regarding DataSources » 23/05/2018 14:10:07

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should there be always an internal datasource that is based on derby? cant we do away with derby at all? can we configure postgreSQL or MySQL as the internal database?

Also, is there an option to map the datasource definition with the application server like tomcat's datasource instead of providing the username and password in the datasources-sql.html?

#8 Re: Development » Steps to build Ametys from Git Repository » 23/05/2018 14:08:31

Hi raphael,

But I did not select any safe mode. so how the application automatically went into safe mode? or when the first time the application is going to be initialized, will it always go into safe mode?

#9 Administration » solr integration » 23/05/2018 04:39:21

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is apache solr definitely needed to be running when iam not using any search functionality?

what functionalities of the platform are actually using the Apache solr? i created new pages and wihtout indexing those pages appeared in the site. I added new templates and i believe for that also we dont need any indexing.

so, if iam not using the search functionality, do I need Solr to be running or I can do away with it?

#10 Re: Development » Steps to build Ametys from Git Repository » 22/05/2018 18:00:38

thanks raphael. i was doing a similar thing outside all the modules to trigger this. in between, iam facing an issue when i start the pre-built application downloaded from the site for version, 4.1.1

first time I start the CMS application, it is throwing this error and starts in safe mode.

2018-05-22 17:17:07,331 ERROR [] (ajp-nio-8209-exec-4;/cms/_admin/index.html) Unable to lookup ObservationManager component. Is safe mode ? It can not be retrieve in safe mode
org.apache.avalon.framework.service.ServiceException: Could not find component (key [org.ametys.core.observation.ObservationManager]) (Key='org.ametys.core.observation.ObservationManager')

but no issues in the front-end and the CMS configuration screen is coming up normally. is that a known issue that can be ignored?

#11 Development » Ametys Page URL » 21/05/2018 06:51:26

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the page URL always contains a language identifier, like /en/home.html. can that be avoided and instead the language can be easily identified from the site URL itself. for example, i want the site to be accessible using the URLs,, which would be showing the english content and which would be showing the content in french.

I can configure multiple front-end URLs to the application when creating the site. but, is there a pipeline component that I need to configure to get the language to be served using the URL?

#12 Re: Development » Steps to build Ametys from Git Repository » 21/05/2018 06:37:40

Hi ,

The runtime module build failed because of the unresolved dependency for the ojdbc7.jar. so, I added the ivy.xml file under the folder, '\tools\master\dev\ivyrep\external\com\oracle\ojdbc7\'  with the following contents

<!-- … aui/ojdbc7 -->
<ivy-module version="1.0">
<info organisation="" module="ojdbc7" branch="${project.branch}" revision=''>
        <license url="" name="ASL2"/>
        <description homepage=""/>
        <conf name="simple"/>
        <conf name="classic" extends="simple"/>
        <conf name="default" extends="classic"/> 
   <!-- <publications>
        <artifact name="ametys-tools" type="jar" ext="jar"/>
        <artifact name="ametys-tools" type="source" ext="jar"/>
    </publications> -->
<dependency org="com.github.noraui" name="ojdbc7" rev=""/>

The dependency org provided is a github location where the ojdbc7.jar is currently available. but, even after providing this, it was failing and I had to download the ojdbc7.jar from the oracle site separately and rename it as ojdbc7- and place it in the location, "tools\master\dev\ivyrep\external\com\oracle\ojdbc7\4.1.x\\jars"

Then the runtime build was successful.

is there any build task that I can trigger which will build all the kernel modules as well as the plugins?

#13 Re: Development » Steps to build Ametys from Git Repository » 21/05/2018 05:33:56

The download was successful and then i proceeded to do the build of the kernel/01_Runtime. it failed with the ojdbc7 driver download. none of the dependency path URLs that the build process tries to locate the JAR file contains the JAR file.

I have downloaded the file and placed it manually in the ivyrep directory to make this build successful. will document the steps in the next post

#14 Re: Development » Steps to build Ametys from Git Repository » 20/05/2018 13:01:18

hi raphael,

the issue was with the ametys certificate not available in the JDK. i used a keytool to import the ametys SSL certificate and now the build is running properly.

#15 Re: Development » Steps to build Ametys from Git Repository » 20/05/2018 09:11:08

Hi raphael,

there is no download.xml but download.ant. so, i tried to run the ant command as follows:

ant -f download.ant

it went to download lot of libraries but gets stuck up sometime down the line. iam using apache ant 1.9.8.

There is no, under the tools/master folder, but there was a file, if I rename that to, then the build fails with a SAX exception.

the contained just one line,  ivy.settings=

once I commented that line, the build was again getting stuck up after downloading many libraries.

this is the error in the command line.

parsing buildfile jar:file:/C:/Ametys/tools/master/dev/ivyrep/cache/!/org/ametys/tools/antlib-build.xml with URI = jar:file:/C:/Ametys/tools/master/dev/ivyrep/cache/!/org/ametys/tools/antlib-build.xml from a zip file
[] Could not load definitions from resource org/ametys/tools/antlib.xml. It could not be found.

#16 Development » purpose of the Feature in a plugin.xml file » 08/05/2018 16:23:06

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i was going through the different plugins like blog, news, calendar etc., in every plugin.xml file, there is a definition called as feature with a name in that. are there any specific names/keywords that are there? for example, I found a feature with name, '' in the blog plugin. is the phrase site.type, some kind of an identifier? same way, i saw something like, '' . is site.parameters kinda key word?

in the external data plugin, there is a feature by name, 'plugin.externaldata.factories.sql'

does the documentation cover anywhere the significance of these different feature names?


#17 Re: Development » Steps to build Ametys from Git Repository » 05/05/2018 08:00:02

thanks Raphael. will try out the same and get back in case of issues

#18 Re: Development » Steps to build Ametys from Git Repository » 03/05/2018 04:20:54

HI raphael,

thanks for the candid answer. i wanted to build it for understanding the build methodology/process. otherwise, you are right that the core functionality is very much extendable using the plugins. at the same time, if I want to build my own plugin and want to make it as a JAR file, is there a build file and steps available?

#19 Development » Steps to build Ametys from Git Repository » 02/05/2018 14:41:46

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I downloaded all the code from the master GIT repository, but when I try to build the Runtime, it fails with dependency on the common/tools which is not there.

Are there any documents available to do the compile and build of the ametys from the source code provided in the GIT repository or is that a Work in progress and we need to use the SVN memthodology only for the version 4.0.x also

#20 Re: Administration » JCR Repository export/Import » 30/04/2018 12:27:09

thanks for the clarification raphael.

#21 Administration » JCR Repository export/Import » 26/04/2018 18:24:19

Replies: 2


Is there a way to export contents of the JCR repository of one Ametys installation and import it into another JCR implementation? is there any OOTB tool available or we need to write some custom code using API to achieve this?

#22 General » can I use Ametys as a DAM » 23/04/2018 16:15:03

Replies: 0

One of my clients is looking for a Digital Asset Management(DAM) system to keep track of their product images and other site images.

Can Ametys be used for that purpose? will we be able to manage all the digital assets and give appropriate permissions, edit them and re-upload them, version them etc.,

#23 Re: Development » Multiple Page Templates » 12/04/2018 23:13:05

hi laurence,

thanks for the quick answer. got it. iam able to add more page templates as well.

#24 Development » Multiple Page Templates » 12/04/2018 17:26:23

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all the demo skins and applications provided contain only one HomePage template and one "Page" template. is it possible to have multiple "Page" templates in the Ametys CMS?

#25 Re: Development » Accessing the HttpRequest and the HttpSession » 12/04/2018 17:16:14

Hi raphael,

the requirement is as follows:

We have created a new content type, "Text & Image Article" that can take as many text and image articles in one content and we have setup the startDate and endDate for each of them and it is working perfectly.

We have created a custom Java class that takes in the startDate, endDate of the articles and return whether the said content is a valid one for today.

the next step we want to do is to set a preview date in the CMS admin and pass that as the third argument to the java comparator as the replacement instead of getting the new java.util.Date() to test the site preview in future.

so, for that, we are adding a date selector in the preview window and upon selecting a date in that, would like to store that date in a session object so that the same can be passed on to the date comparator.

In between, if we write our own XSLTHelper, how is that class instantiated? is there any configuration that we need to do to instantiate the same,  since it needs to be passed the Context and other Avalon objects during instantiation.

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