Focus on what matters

Ametys gives you all the technology and powerful tools you need to build engaging digital experiences. Ametys makes it easy to focus on content and takes care of the rest. The intuitive and flexible user interface lets you create, manage and personalize your content like a breeze.

Flexibility and simplicity in one platform

Building great websites takes work, whether you love to code or don't know anything about it. Ametys is designed to help you solve that problem through its modular approach to site building.
Whether you want to build a new website, blog, wiki, intranet or something else, it's just a matter of combining the right plugins in one unified platform.

Make content more engaging

Imagine your publications featuring infographics, Google maps, YouYube videos, Spotify playlists.
Ametys helps you to diversify your content to cover a wider range of mediums.
Enrich your content with social media widgets.

Multichannel intranets and portals

Create websites and intranets running across all devices. Your content lives anywhere and looks great everywhere. Ametys offers user-friendly workspaces that allow you to keep your teams productive and on track. Ametys gives your employees fully integrated collaboration tools : blogs, forums, wikis, tasks, shared files, calendars...

Integrate Ametys into your existing IT environment

Implement Ametys across your enterprise. You can deploy Ametys on-premises or in the cloud.
Its architecture supports the most modern standards to easily fit into your existing and future digital environment.