Manage your projects & collaboration tools in one placeAmetys Workspace makes your working life simpler

Powerful authentication methods and management permissions

Keep control over your content.You can manage and assign rights to your teams. Ametys provides Active Directory and LDAP single sign-on (SSO) support.

Real time interactions

Blogs, wikis, forums, message boards, comments, express yourself, share informations with your teams, get involved to project or team activites.

Advanced workflow

Ametys Workspaces lets you create your own workflows. Versioning enables you to create drafts, live versions and restore item when needed.

Document sharing

Ametys Workspaces allows you to share and store documents online in minutes. Manage your files, from sharing, collaboration, real-time notification, to archiving.

Team collaboration

Ametys Workspaces is a smart project collaboration solution that brings teams together to stay focus and get the work done.

Advanced calendars management

Ametys Workspaces makes it easy to create and manage projects and shared calendars. Keep your projects dates, events, meetings, and deadlines in one place.

Fast, intuitive content building

Ametys comes with a beautiful WYSIWYG content editor designed to simplify content creation. Ametys's Windows-like interface is helping you focus on what matters the most.

Advanced search

Ametys comes with an advanced faceted search based on Apache Lucene.

Mixed multimedia content

Easily add bunch of images, videos, PDF, Youtube video or audio stream.