The Ametys platform offers many opportunities for developers.
The sections below highlight some of the common Ametys integration use-cases to help connect developers with the best resources for their specific needs.


Install Ametys

Ametys comes in two packages and can be installed on any operating system : a package installer, intended for demonstration and tests and a ZIP archive containing the web application, ready to be deployed in a production environment.

Develop in Ametys

We’re building an open source community around Ametys. We want it to be as easy as possible for developers to invest time in building great and fun things in the platform.

How to develop in Ametys ?

Extend your platform with plugins

Ametys has a modular architecture. Plugins allow you to extend and customize the functionnality of Ametys. By default, Ametys comes with 20+ plugins which are officially maintained by the core team.

Ametys Plugins

Join the community

Anyone is welcome to participate in the Ametys community. Don't worry about making mistakes, we're here to help you and we need you to make Ametys better. Choose your preferred method for joining the discussion.