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Ametys Wiki really should be your first stop. It provides all the assistance you require to install and configure Ametys to meet your needs.

Ametys Forum

Get involved, collaborate and discuss with the Ametys community. Ask questions, get answers, share your experiences.

Ametys Issue Tracker

Have a feature request ? Ametys uses Jira software for bug tracking and issue management. Feel free to submit a ticket to the Ametys development team.

Source code

The complete Ametys source code is available from

First time user


How to setup and manage pages

There is so much to say about Ametys page management. Learn how to create pages and manage them in the sitemap.


How to add and manage contents

A content is a static object defined by a list of fields filled by contributors.


How to add and manage services

A service is a non editable and dynamic component of a page. The list of available services depends on your application.


How to use Ametys plugins

Ametys comes with powerful plugins. Learn how to use and manage these plugins in Ametys.