Welcome to Ametys 4 : the next version of Ametys is available now

We are very excited to announce that Ametys 4 is now available to update or download. We are introducing new features, as well as some very expected improvements.

User interface made for you

New style, performance improvement, Ametys 4 increases productivity and makes it easy to focus on your daily work.

Unified user interface design

Flat design has been applied for this new release. Less is more in this new trend, so that the screens are more readable. Enjoy!

More tools, fewer clicks

Content history, notifications, real-time help tool, Ametys 4 integrates new features without overloading the interface.

Drag and drop

Drag and Drop comes to Ametys 4, allowing you to move tools or assign tags to pages or contents.


Switch from one feature to another with one click, run multiple tools side by side.

Multi-window view

See your workspace and what's new at a glance. Keep an eye on your open tabs, the sitemap, history, or notifications in real time.

Multi-content editing

Now you can edit multiple contents at once. Step one, edit an existing content. Step two, add a new content to a page. Step three, switch from one content to another. It's that simple.

Stay focused on the basics

Ametys 4 helps focus on what really matters and prevent data loss.

Automatic backups

Your browser unexpectedly quit? Your computer restarts itself? Ametys keeps your data safe, so all your work is exactly where you left off.

Realtime notification

A new page has been created, a content has changed, a document has been added, stay in control and stay informed about what's going on. Browse all your notifications by type at a glance.

Embrace collaboration

Ametys 4 opens up more ways to personalize your platform and improve team collaboration.

Social collaboration

It's super easy to share ideas and comments with your team. All collaborators can work together at once to make comments and edit contents.

Timeline and dashboard

Get realtime activity tracking, use these insights to stay up to date with collaborators.

Open source technologies

Working with Git

Download latest builds, create and apply your own patches and contribute to Ametys open source project on code.ametys.org

Building powerful search engine with Apache Solr

Ametys 4 implement Apache Solr, one of the most widely deployed search platforms worldwide. Create custom search engines with rich set of core search functions.

Bootstrap 4 Upgrade

Ametys 4 integrates SASS preprocessor and webdesign templating. Simplify your design workflows and reduce maintenance needs.

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The Windows Package (.exe) includes the latest stable Ametys Portal version. This version comes with a full demo site that allows you play with Ametys Portal and discover all its features.
You must use Java 8 (64 bits)  to install and use Ametys properly.

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