The power of User Generated Content

We live in the age of sharing. Customers want to share their experience and be a part of the products and services creation. User Generated content (UGC) can amplify digital marketing strategy.

Recent research shows that users are sensitive to the opinions and comments left by other users. 
85% of consumers find UGC mode influential than brand photos and videos. 93% of consumers find UGC helpful when making purchase decisions

Everyone is a viral content creator

Today thanks to platforms like blogs, forums, social media websites, everyone is a content creator.

The communication process is changing from being unidirectional to multidirectional as consumers are becoming active participants by creating, seeking, and sharing information using a variety of channels and devices.

Many companies, such as YouTube or Facebook, exploit these new opportunities and broadcast content only posted by users.

User Generated content marked a shift among media organizations and companies. Some benefits of UGC include :

  • More effective interactivity
  • Increased user engagement
  • Improved SEO and conversion : fresh content is good for SEO optimization !


An Ametys plugin to let users submit content from the frontend

With Ametys v3.4, we're pleased to launch a brand new plugin UGC.
UGC plugin lets you offer and control your users' content suggestion. Give to your visitors a simple way to submit content to your site.
The plugin allows you to moderate the content suggested by your visitors before the publication.

5 tips to implement User Generated Content

To get started with User Generated Content, here's 5 easy ways for increasing user engagement.

  1. Organize the contribution : make reviews easy to give on your website, create tags and add social features
  2. Solicit reviews from your community : ask users to contribute and don’t hesitate to correct spelling errors, misleading content, and other troublesome items.
  3. Encourage social discussion : Host a contest, create a poll and a question and answer section are few tips to get started with UGC
  4. Create case studies
  5. Get involved : encourage your staff to participate in creating content !


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